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Our Story


Founded in 2000, Cathy Sarky established ChicOut and hosted their first event with a mission to expand safe places for lesbians to gather socially. 

It was a controversial time period for Cincinnati with Article 12,  the 1993 - 2004  charter amendment stating gay and lesbians had zero legal protection from discrimination.


"In a city where non-hetero lifestyles are not welcome, the lesbian organization ChicOut sponsors events to bring women together in a protected environment to feel free to be themselves." CityBeat 2001 

Cincinnati was only city in the nation that held such a charter.  ChicOut became a protest voice, rising up to give visibility that our community was here to stay"

CityBeat Excerpts: 


"Participants Faces Intentionally Blurred To Protect Identities"     


"Girls just want to have fun but they prefer not to hide behind closed doors to do so."

"We want to educate that we are the same people in the community as you.  However until voters repeal Article 12, achieving equality  is difficult.  Cincinnati is the only city in the nation where gay and lesbians cannot petition for protection from discrimination. "

"I  just want to know im not going to get fired from my job because of my sexual preferences"

ChicOut's mission still stands today for the LGBTQAI+ community and all humans.  


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